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This is the simplest ingredients and method ever!

FruitDream is one of my best desserts beyond cashew cheese cake (recipe to follow). The easiest way to make great alternatives to ice cream or similar deserts is with frozen fruit. You’ll find this has a ice cream texture with sorbet goodness. I recommend berries mangos bananas and pineapple. But again whatever fruit you love or you’d prefer will work.

This recipe is best created using frozen fruit.  So bag fresh fruits into portion size amounts (your portion, your discretion) and freeze until frozen.

place your desired combination into a blender and whizz with a fresh unfrozen banana or avocado. This will produce the creamiest smoothest sorbet texture which is tasty and divine for the taste buds and scenes. Try these combinations:


Strawberry, Blackberry, Kiwi and Banana

Peach, Pineapple and Strawberry

Mango and banana (my favorite)


Don’t forget to add a fresh banana or avocado to the mix, even if using frozen banana, this creates a smooth texture. You can also add condiments like a dash of vanilla extract, nutmeg, some stem ginger or a dash of lime.