Dehydrated Crisps

15/09/2021 Off By KayGordy

A great way to avoid unnecessary snacking on quick to access junk foods which are laden with additives and devoid of nutrients is to make your own, We can make healthy crisps and snacks by seasoning and dehydrating fresh fruit and vegetables. My favourite veg to use are beetroots (these must be sliced thinly), Kale, Courgette Okra and mushrooms. But you can use absolutely anything you choose.

My go to crisps, which I make often are spicy tomato salsa flavoured Mushroom Okra and Courgettes. Firstly you have to finely slice your vegetables and place them to one side to create the salsa sauce.

You’ll need:

Onions (a shallot or half a red onion)

Fresh tomato (twelve to fifteen cherries or three to four larger varieties)

Sundried Tomato

Dried herbs of your choice

Himalayan Pink Salt

Yeast Flakes (optional)

Two to three tablespoons of olive oil.

Scotch Bonnet Pepper ( as much as you can handle;)


Combine all these ingredients in a blender. Spoon over your finely sliced veg.

Place evenly onto your dehydrator sheets and into the dehydrator for 8 – 10 hours. Or overnight, thinly sliced on a baking tray at the bottom of a very low oven (preferably with the door slightly ajar but a very low over should be fine for up to four hours.

This sauce is optional as salt, fresh herbs cut finely and drizzled over the veg is equally as good.