Alkaline Cleansers

Alkaline foods supply important nutrients and minerals to our bodies, which slows signs of aging and improves organ and cellular function. Alkaline fruits, food’s and veggies are low in fat, high in fiber and are great antioxidants. Eating an alkaline diet helps the natural detoxification processes our bodies need to go through; to replenish and maintain homeostasis (balance – for optimal health). When alkaline foods are incorporated into our diets we notice an improved cardiovascular response, weight loss, improved immunity and a general improvement to overall health and wellbeing.


PH is the potential hydrogen content of foods and is measured on a scale of 0 – 14.

0 – 7 being acidic and 7 – 14 being alkaline.

Our bodies contain various amounts of acid and alkaline substances. Acids within the body are a necessity for breaking down and distributing nutrients in the stomach, gut and our intestines. Our blood in contrast is alkaline and must stay so; as acidity within the bloodstream and veins is fatal.

Acidic foods create inflammation and chronic conditions whereas Alkaline foods have an opposing effect on our systems. Many are considered superfoods most, well, all are plant based.

So, foods we eat have a direct impact on the level of acidity or alkalinity our bodies utilise. Some which are acidic (limes oranges grapefruits, citrus fruits) create alkalinity within us once digested. So, Don’t be put off from eating acids. See also the tab titled Super Foods for a list of alkaline friendly foods which help us stay healthy. The general consensus about plant based, alkaline foods is; they heal, strengthen and replenish on a cellular level, which alleviates an array of severe or fatal health conditions. Ailments like Acne, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Gout, Food allergies to Hypertension, to name a few; can all be addressed by consuming an alkaline, plant based diet and/or using an alkaline supplementation. It important to remember at this stage that not ALL fruits and vegetables are natural. The more natural your selection of alkaline foods are is the healthiest choice you can make for vitality and good health.


AOK Calcification Remover

Has a combination of alkaline herbs which help to strengthen the Kidney, Lymphatic system and Intestinal tract. This supplement helps to reduce acidity and calcification from our arteries and major organs. Helping the Kidneys to work at their optimal level. One or two capsule can be taken twice daily with plenty of water.

AOK Anti Fibroid Blend

This marvellous blend helps to balance hormones. Reduces the symptoms associated with menopause; can shrink fibroids and uterus tumors considerably enough to be eliminated naturally. The herbs used in this blend are anti septic anti inflammatory and anti estrogenic which accumulatevely reduce to impacts of estrogen dependant diseases. This blend is great for nourishing the vaginal wall and has aphrodisiac properties.

AOK Liver and Kidney Support

Is great for the Blood, Liver and Kidneys. These herbs bind with and eliminate toxins from the body. Thus helping to eliminate pathogens which can cause toxicity. They assist with breaking up calcification.

AOK Nutrient Support

This unique combination of herbs is great for the health of our joints and soft tissue. Great for sufferers of diabetes this supplement nourishes and supports the cells to function adequately. Can be taken twice daily up to four capsule per day.

Aok Cell Energiser (Made To Order)

The Cell Energiser regulates blood sugar levels. Strengthens the immune system and aids with digestion. This combination is great for the upper respiratory system and oral health. This supplement helps to support our nerve health and helps carry oxygen to the brain. Cell energiser contains nettle which is great to boost our immune health and serves as a blood purifier.

AOK Brain and Nerve Support (Made To Order)

This supplement is a nerve and muscle stimulant. It relaxes. Heals brain and nerve damage, is great for sufferers of anxiety and stress related nervous conditions. This product is great for relieving the symptoms of migraines headaches inflammation and also acts as an anti-convulsant. Brain and Nerve support Can also be used for body pain, spasms and nerve damage due to neuro degenerative related disorders and diseases.

AOK Gut Cleanser

Is an intestinal stimulant mainly giving extra nourishment to the Liver and Pancreas, helps with the digestion of  foods. This product cleans heavy metals. Kills bacteria in the digestive tract. This combination of herbs has anti fungal properties, will help increase and improve circulation and the delivery of oxygen to the brain heart and lungs.

AOK Tests (Made To Order)

This amazing product supports the male libido. Supports testosterone balance and helps to relieve anxiety. Can cleanse the penile cavity and cells. Is great to alleviate sexually transmitted diseases.


All AOK Alkaline Cleansers are plant based and natural, have no preservatives or additives and can be taken individually or together as a way to combat more serious ailments and diseases; Take Lupus for instance, sufferers can combine the Gut and Cell Enhancer, Brain and Nerve support, Cell Energiser and the Liver and Kidney Support. This will alleviate the symptoms and supply enough nutrients to completely restore homeostasis and wellness. Pop in to AOK to discuss blending supplements to combat more serious diseases. Consultations can be arranged by contacting the shop details are on the home page or:

An online or telephone consultation can be arranged at a cost of £25 if you’d like some more information on each product before purchase.

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