Activated Nut milk

16/09/2021 Off By KayGordy

It’s important to activate nuts and some seeds. By soaking them (Not Brazil or Macadamia’s) in water for up to eight hours, release enzymes within the nut, boosting it’s nutritional constitution.

To make the perfect nut milk you’ll need


Soaked Nuts of your choice

Vanilla bean extract or paste

A pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt


Again this is your blend so you can add an array of condiments to your nut milk to flavour and enhance the flavours and texture. For instance Nutmeg, Rose Water, Cinnamon powder, Honey, Agave, Cacao Powder, Anything you like 😉


Blend these ingredients and enjoy, You can strain this mixture or drink grainy 😉 This can be stored in aa refrigerator for up to three days.