Leather Chakra Stone Journal






CROWN – Purple – Amethyst – Facilitates meditation, Ancestral communication, dissipates Ego.

THIRD EYE – Indigo – Purple Florite – clears confusion, balances brain chemistry, prevents vertigo and dizziness.

THROAT – Blue – Lapis Lazuli – Clears energy centres, celestial connections, activates third eye.

HEART – Green – Green Tourmaline – Clears auric field, Cleanses toxins, for psychic protection.

SOLAR PLEXUS – Yellow – Topaz – Soothes heals and stimulates the aura, recharges cells, aligns the meridians of the body.

SACRAL – Orange – Citrine – Enhances creativity, increases stamina and energy, supports endocrine system.

ROOT – Red – Fire Agate – Aligns etheric body, Keeps you grounded, intensifies passion.



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