12/09/2021 Off By KayGordy

SuperSeed Salad


This is my favourite food on the planet. I could literally eat this meal DAILY, No seriously (tweaking a few ingredients, of course;)  I eat salad as a main meal for months and months on end. It never gets boring for me.

I haven’t ever counted how many ingredients I use as it varies, on occasion I omit or add various condiments or vegetables depending on my preference so this is an evolving salad that is only rarely the same. This combination of ingredients will “SuperSeed” your expectations. ( Pun intended:)


Living lettuce


Cherry Tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomatoes




Shallots or Red Onions

Sprouts of your choice

Hemp seeds

Chia Seeds

Pumpkin seeds


Thai Sweet Chilli Coconut Amino’s (just a dash)

Olive or Hemp Seed Oil.


Cut slice splice or dice the above ingredients to your desired capacity.

Drizzle over the oil of your choice

Add a dash of Sweet Chilli Coconut Aminos…..